If you are wondering what Discounts2Buy.com or Our Mobile APP is providing different while thousands of other web sites which are giving best deals and discounts out there. So this FAQ would be best informative for you. You would be clear on what exactly Discounts2Buy.com differs from thousands of online deals sites online.

What is a Discount?

Obviously, On our day to day life we used to hear about discounts and discount sales online in advertising channels such as News papers, Youtube, even on Facebook. So basically Discount is a concession or some percent axe in price to boost voulme of sale or make the goods let out instead of holding it for a while with high price. This kind of offer or discount would bring more consumers insteresed in buying. So both of them, sellers or online stores as well as consumers or buyers get the benefits out of it.

What kind of Discount we offer?

We have hundreds of thousands of discount products across hundreds of categories. So you could find minimum 5% to maximum of more than 95% off on actual selling price which was sold previously but now you could avail it in less price. It could be still accessible in actual online store but you have to have patience to reach them out but since we are only providing those discounts in our site you could follow our links to go to the store and make purchase directly.

How to avail the discount?

If you are interested in buying a product just follow the "Buy Now" link by clicking on it or just click on the product title which would also redirect you to the actual online store which is currently offering discount price to make it avail.

How long a product would be on discount?

We used to update the product list every day or sometimes once for a couple of days. so you could expect a product that would be on discount for a day or just for couple of days but remember we delay in updating them so the price may change in between on store side so you would not able to avail it in the same price while its been changing behind the scenes. Also, If the store they still let the product on discount and meanwhile we update them then you would be avail it otherwise expect the bad luck.

I see different price in actual store, why?

You are correct, There may be change in price that would either increase or still lower price than you see on our site. The reason behind such variation is, online stores are changing their price few more times in a single day but we Discounts2Buy.com only getting the price once a day so the price variation is possible. If you are disappointed in varied price especially when you see increased in price amount, we really apologies but we cannot have control over and we still offere more discounts on same product with different store so you could check your next luck.

Why do you stopping us on a page every time we click on "Buy Now"?

Yes, the reason behind stopping every outgoing links on a page is, we need to educate our valued customers about our operation and how the system works to provide you better discount price. We also use cookies to give you better experience and we need to educate that as well to each visitor/buyer and we need to get their consent to proceed further. Also we give 15 seconds to read and understand the system so after 15 sec. we assume the user is completely agree with us and we automatically redirect to the actual store.

Since Discounts2Buy looks like a Shopping site, Do you accept payments?

We are only listing out the discount products getting them from various online stores across United States. So we are not selling anything instead of we only list out discounts and forward you to avail it on actual store. straight answer is, We never accept any payment on our site. You should educate yourself about the seller and their payment process before you make any purchase using our referral or following on our provided link(s).

We hope you had a better understanding about our operations. If you still have any further questions, please write to us to the mail id provided at the top so we would be happy to answer!.